Friday, March 28, 2008

A plug and then back to the regular scheduled program

It may be hard to miss that loud pink box blinking at you from over to the right there, so allow me to explain.

On September 11th - 14th 2008, I will be joining thousands of other walkers, including my fabulous team, Hotties for Healthy Hoots, walking 60 miles over 3 days to bring support, awareness and money to the fight against breast cancer. That widget will connect you to my Breast Cancer 3Day page where, if the spirit moves you, you can choose to donate to me and my team to support us on our journey.

It may seem like a pretty cookoo bananas thing that I'm doing here. It's been observed that I tend to love my couch more than I love exercise. But here's the thing. I have this friend, Patti, who is one of those women that just makes you proud to be a woman too, she's so cool and artistic and warm and lovely. And then in December, within weeks of each other, both Patti and her daughter Lindsay were both diagnosed with breast cancer. It's like a nightmare within a nightmare. A mother's worst nightmare. A daughter's worst nightmare. A world's worst nightmare.

Something like that forces a person to take inventory; ask themselves, so, what have you done for the world LATELY. And the answer felt like not enough.

So it feels like the right time for some cookoo bananas action. Time for me to drag my pudgy butt from the sofa and start shaking my money maker. I don't know that I can make things better for Patti and Lindsay, but it would be awful nice to think I could make things better for some future Patti or Lindsay down the road. So that's why I'm doing this.

So this is my plug to click the button, please. It would mean a lot to me and all the Pattis and Lindsays of the world.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programing!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Check out my ShoWest Diaries on Blogcritics

Thanks to Blogcritics help in obtaining a press pass for ShoWest, I've been posting my *exclusive* ShoWest diaries on Blogcritics which can be found here. Not to fret, though. I will be posting some special *exclusive* material on Populucious as well, including the fully illustrated ShowWest diaries. I just have to get my booty in gear to do it! Thanks for checking in and checking out Blogcritics.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Kati's Big Adventure

Tomorrow morning I board an airplane for Las Vegas, and an entire week at the ShoWest conference. Because I'm not remotely equipped for live bloggage, it must wait until I return, a week from today, to tell you all the wonders I experienced there.

Some of the things I do know already is that apparently 3D is the buzzword of the show. Ang Lee, Robert Redford, Sarah Jessica Parker, Seth Rogan, Brenden Frasier and Abigale Breslin are all getting awards of the "if we put your name on a plaque will you come stand before us" variety. A screening of Kung Foo Panda has been promised. Most importantly, I have learned that sometimes all you have to do to get people to give you crazy things like money to go to Vegas and a press pass is ask.

Crazy! Stay tuned!